My Original Games

Food Truck City - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon - Food Truck City

Paper-prototyped resource collection and upgrade purchasing game. Print-and-play as well as premium purchasable copies coming soon!

Square Tactics - Easy to Learn, Quick to Play

Square Tactics

Easy to learn, quick to play - Aliens vs Cats vs Ninjas vs Robots! Download a FREE pint-and-play PDF file, or purchase a premium copy.

Game UX Reviews

Learning how to play a new game is one of the most difficult hurdles for the casual player. Yes, there are plenty of hard-core gaming nerds out there that have played so many different games that they will pick up just about any new game you put in-front of them with ease. However, for each one of those people, there are 100 other people out there who are either intimidated by, or are just unwilling to put in the work of learning a new game.

Expand your potential audience and delight the people who pick up your game by providing a better user experience - from as high level as the graphic design and layout of your game elements, to the game's vocabulary, and directions presented in the rulebook - a better, cleaner, clearer, easier to understand and remember game will improve all outcomes.

Boss Monster

Coming Soon - Boss Monster UX Review

Boss Monster is an easy to learn card game with a fun retro video-game theme.

Square Tactics - Easy to Learn, Quick to Play

Coming Soon - Seasons UX Review

Seasons is a moderately-complex board and card game that starts with a card-drafting mechanic to build your spell-deck, followed by a series of rounds of resource collection and upgrade mechanics.