Areas of Experience


Learn more about my experience with startups, from a penny-auction site to a HIPAA-compliant health data platform - and many more in between.

People Leadership

I am passionate about effectively leading and coaching others. I consider this responsibility one of the most important aspects of my career.

Build, Measure, Learn

Beyond The Lean Startup this is a guiding tenet for agile development, personal growth, interpersonal relationships and more.


By starting my career in a traditional Waterfall environment then learning and evolving teams' processes through Agile Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and many more, I have had the opportunity to lead many different process implementations and transform them depending on the needs of the company, project and teams.

Product Development

I have had the opportunity to lead and contribute to product development teams in Product Owner, Scrum Master, Lean UX, User Experience, Design, Software Development, Automated Testing and Quality Assurance areas and roles.


From high-level strategy to detailed implementation, Quality has been an anchor value area throughout my career. I have created custom test automation frameworks, built new quality practices and teams from the ground up, coached existing teams, and mentored both individual contributors and senior leadership groups in all things quality.